Wedding in Capri island, Il Riccio

What about getting married in Capri, the island of love?

Capri is definitely the island of love: breathtaking landscape, luxuriant nature, the bluest sea you can ever find, exquisite typical Mediterranean food, elegant atmosphere.

Capri is one of the best locations where to get married in Italy, that’s why Nicholas and Penny have chosen it to achieve their dream of love.

They got prepared in the beautiful Hotel La Palma, Nicholas wore his elegant suit in his room surrounded by the groomsmen while Penny was having her makeup done in quietness in her room overlooking the garden of the hotel, afterward she wore her amazing wedding dress.

So as soon as this cute couple was ready, we led them to a quiet little place close to an ancient monastery to let them have their first look… such a sweet moment! They both were super excited and emotional.

Getting married in Capri

After a short ride, Nicholas and Penny reached their incredible ceremony venue: a scenic terrace perched directly above the Faraglioni, the two famous rocks in the sea, symbol of the island.

The location was so quiet and peaceful, you could only hear the sound the waves crashing on the rocks and the whispering of the wind in the pine trees.

Just after the ceremony, the newlyweds have received an unexpected surprise: the arrival of a group of folk musicians, with their highly colorful clothes and tambourines. All of a sudden the bride and groom with the guests were wild in the dances and songs, that was the moment: the party’s started!

Wedding reception at Il Riccio Restaurant in Capri

Capri is one of the most stylish and exclusive islands in Italy.

In the late 19th century, the island was a very sought-after resort for artists, actors, musicians, writers and other celebrities. It is named the island of love for its unique atmosphere and its romantic sunsets on the sea.

The perfect place for an elopement, a destination wedding or a romantic escape.

After an intimate portrait session taken close to the gorgeous Punta Carena lighthouse, the couple joined their guests who were waiting for them at Il Riccio Capri, a historical restaurant overlooking the Blue Grotto with a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

The reception has been held under a thatch roof on a terrace overlooking Capri sea. The tables were decorated with yellow lemons and pink bougainvillea, two of the typical colors of the island. After an exquisite dinner of delicious fish dishes, Nicholas and Penny have celebrated dancing all night on the terrace of the location with their families and friends.

The perfect epilogue of a true dream wedding in the island of love.

Wedding planning and design: Exclusive Italy Weddings
Reception Venue:  Il Riccio Capri, Anacapri
Getting ready: Hotel La Palma, CapriMakeup: Beauty Livery

Mary and Maurizio are wedding photographers in Italy. We love capturing moments of genuine happiness and fun, feelings, and emotions. We aim to tell stories going a little deeper catching the unscripted moments of life. Mary is madly in love with dogs, the sea, cinema, jazz music. She likes reading and painting. Maurizio loves taking long walks in nature, he loves California and indie music & movies. He likes cooking traditional Mediterranean dishes and he has an insane passion for plaid shirts! We both love exploring new cities aimlessly and we love to get lost on the mountain roads, or in woods.