Wedding in Apulia, Nina Trulli

Getting married in Apulia

Amy and Martyn are the sweetest couple, they’ve reached Italy from Great Britain, with their families and friends, to celebrate their wedding in Apulia, in a small village of trulli, in the deep heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Breathtaking landscapes, secular olive trees, infinite quietness have been the backdrop of such a romantic wedding.

Are you searching for a summery feel wedding?

Nina Trulli Resort will perfectly meet your expectations.
A full immersion in the Mediterranean vegetation for your wedding in a former countryside monastery, where you can taste the authentic Apulian food and time seems suspended.

Wedding in Apulia

Amy and Martyn have exchanged their vows under a secular tree, the Summer sunset has been their perfect backdrop. They’ve had such a sweet ceremony and just after the throw of the confetti they’ve had an aperitif and some delicious Apulian food cooked on site.

The day continued with a tasty dinner under hundreds of fairy lights among the trulli and ended with a happy and funny dancing party.

We’ve been very happy to shoot such a beautiful event, with such gorgeous people.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Nina Trulli Resort, Monopoli (BA)

Some extra film shoots

Wedding in Apulia Film
Wedding in Apulia Film

Wedding photographers in Apulia:

Mary and Maurizio are wedding photographers in Italy. We love capturing moments of genuine happiness and fun, feelings and emotions. We aim to tell stories going a little deeper catching the unscripted moments of life. Mary is madly in love with dogs, the sea, cinema, jazz music. She likes reading and painting. Maurizio loves taking long walks in nature, he loves California and indie music & movies. He likes cooking traditional Mediterranean dishes and he has an insane passion for plaid shirts! We both love exploring new cities aimlessly and we love to get lost on the mountain roads, or in woods.