Wedding in Amalfi Coast at Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso in Furore

Wedding in Amalfi Coast at Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso in Furore

What if your wedding day is foggy and rainy?

Jordan & Nicolas from the United States have had an amazing intimate wedding in Furore, a lovely village along the Amalfi Coast, with their closest families and friends surrounded by nature in a “not usual” Italian landscape. The weather was really bad but none of us have been worried or scared by the rain or the fog, we’ve just enjoyed the day having fun and taking amazing pictures. This unusual atmosphere gave to the wedding even a unique charm.

Getting married in the Amalfi Coast

A classical Italian home with vineyards and a cozy atmosphere has been the ideal scenery of a day that was filled with emotional moments and rustic elegance. The private little chapel of the property has been the perfect frame for their traditional Greek wedding ceremony. We cried, we laughed.

The wedding

Jordan & Nicolas celebrated their wedding at Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso in the Amalfi Coast, a 17th-century farmhouse. After a moving ceremony, they’ve had a typical Italian dinner in the ancient cantina of the house. The table setting was definitely stunning, thanks to the designer Franco Acampora, he did an amazing job and created such a charming atmosphere in a perfect autumn style with flowers and fruits found in the woods of the mountains along the Coast.

Congratulations and our biggest thanks to Jordan & Nicolas for sharing their gorgeous wedding with us, it has been such a pleasure to be there.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso Furore, Amalfi Coast // Flower Designer: Franco Acampora

About the Photographers:
Mary and Maurizio are wedding photographers in Italy. We love capturing moments of genuine happiness and fun, feelings and emotions. We aim to tell stories going a little deeper catching the unscripted moments of life. Mary is madly in love with dogs, the sea, cinema, jazz music. She likes reading and painting. Maurizio loves taking long walks in nature, he loves California and indie music & movies. He likes cooking traditional Mediterranean dishes and he has an insane passion for plaid shirts! We both love exploring new cities aimlessly and we love to get lost on the mountain roads, or in woods.