Intimate Joshua Tree Engagement Photographer

Intimate Joshua Tree Engagement Photographer

A lazy Saturday afternoon, a little romantic getaway from the city life. C. and Y. decided to spend a weekend all alone in Joshua Tree Desert, in California.

A huge expanse of sand, rocks and yucca trees where the silence is so heavy that it seems to be almost like a noise. A place where you can really relax and enjoy the power of nature, the blue skies, the sun and the wind.

We’ve had such a great time with these guys and did such a nice couple session, they’re really sweet.

We’ve spent the day chatting, shooting pictures and drinking coffee, waiting for the stunning sunset of the desert.

After a drive from Los Angeles on so many scenic routes, we finally reached the dusty roads of the California desert, one of our favorite places. We definitely love spending time there, we’re so fascinated by its great calm and unique atmosphere.

And what’s better than an amazing villa in the middle of Joshua Tree Desert for a photographic intimate engagement session? Shooting C. and Y. couple session has been so funny! Pillow fighting, laughter and very intense moments have been the “protagonists” of our day.

Thank you so much Jonathan for hosting us in your amazing Serenity Escape Villa in Joshua Tree we’re really thankful for your kindness.